Susanna Lauer - Soprano

Dramatic Soprano, Susanna R. Lauer is a native of Washington, D.C. Critics have hailed Ms. Lauer for her, “inspiring and powerful voice.” Ms. Lauer holds Music degrees from The Catholic University of America and West Virginia University. She recently relocated with her family to Fort Wayne, Indiana after living, singing and teaching overseas for the last six years in Dubai. Ms. Lauer lectures to professional and children's choirs in the Middle-East and holds vocal Masterclasses for professional musical productions on proper singing technique, emphasizing the importance of vocal health. Former students are now attending some of the top conservatories and university programs in the United States for music. Ms. Lauer’s international singing career has lead her to performances on stages in Austria, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that anyone can learn to sing! My approach to vocal pedagogy is rooted in both physiological science and psychology. My teaching combines traditional methods from the Italian School of Bel Canto singing with the unique heart, mind and body each student singer brings to the lesson. Both elements lead student singers as artists and individuals to connect emotionally to music. Each singer has a distinctive instrument. As a teacher, I aim to help each student find his or her own voice, each one different from any other person on the planet. At the same time, I give students the scientific knowledge to understand proper vocal functions—body alignment, breathing technique, diction, and tongue and jaw tension—so they can define and reach their goals. Because the vocal cords are some of the most delicate muscles in our bodies, I stress vocal health, especially for young singers. In short, I coordinate the science of singing and proper technique with each student’s distinctive personality, physical characteristics and musical tastes.

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