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The Arts Have Impact

On March 23 and 24, the organization Americans for the Arts hosted their annual Arts Advocacy Day. This event unites people and organizations that believe in the value of arts in the culture and community of the United States. They educate arts advocates on legal policy and how to encourage members of the United States Congress during budget discussions to support non-profit arts organizations at a sustainable level. The economic impact is significant. Arts organizations support over 4 million jobs and generate over 22 billion dollars in revenue in one fiscal year, according to the study “Arts & Economic Prosperity IV” by Americans for the Arts.

The impact of non-profit arts organizations goes beyond dollars and cents. Through creative expression, they integrate cultural acceptance, artistic appreciation, and social engagement into productions for diverse audiences. Non-profit arts organizations also provide job opportunities in creative industries and give professional experience to students. The Arts are clearly a crucial component to viable communities, and their value needs to be underscored at every opportunity.

Heartland has served Northeast Indiana as the premier resource in vocal arts for nearly two decades. Though our company has changed over the years, we have always emphasized the importance of arts education and access to the arts for everyone.

Here are a few ways that Heartland fulfills its mission as an arts advocate:

• Economics: Heartland sustains jobs for vocal artists and support staff in the cultural and entertainment field.

• Community Outreach: Heartland offers many admission-free concerts, so many have the opportunity to experience the arts.

• Education: We provide educational programs for students and support music educators with easy to adopt programming and workshops.

• Unity: Heartland collaborates with artists, organizations and businesses locally, regionally and nationally all to cultivate a strong, culturally rich environment for the community.

None of this could be possible without our Member-Supporters and Patrons. Our supporters and patrons are more than just donors; they are Heartland Partners who advocate for the arts and trumpet the value of the arts with passion and enthusiasm. So, if you don’t have time to take it to Congress, feel free to join Heartland in spreading the word in our own community about the importance of the arts, and especially the importance of the vocal arts.

Thank you for your partnership and, remember: “Together, We Make Art Happen.” ™

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