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Taking It Up an Octave – Part One

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Taking It Up an Octave – Part One

For Heartland, “up an octave” represents more than the musical meaning of raising the pitch. It represents moving forward with our mission as a professional vocal ensemble to change lives through song. With a generous gift from Gloria Fink and the Fink Foundation, Heartland has started its “Taking It Up an Octave Campaign” to establish the capital of $1.6 million. This fund will be used to hire a team of full-time professional vocal artists and support staff so that Heartland may fulfill its vision using a sustainable, revenue-producing business model.

We invite everyone – patrons and lovers of the vocal arts and music – to participate in helping Heartland create a new performing arts industry standard. This blog series about the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign is your tool to understand how your contribution will impact the future.

This week is about the economic impact of Heartland’s new vision made possible by the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign.

The saying goes, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Most professional singers support themselves financially some other way. Vocal performance majors either head to graduate school, so they can teach, or they simply find another job to fund themselves while singing on the side. They are nurses, businessmen, bartenders, and various other titles. We want to stray far away from this norm.

Heartland is now hiring eight full-time Vocal Artists. Once employed, the Eight will be performing regularly at concerts within our region, teaching lessons, and rehearsing for their livelihood. In addition, our artistic staff will still include otherpart-time singers and our Festival Chorus for larger productions. We believe that being a singer should be taken as seriously as any other profession. Talent and spirit bring music to life. Those who dedicate themselves to their craft, including singers, should be able to make a living doing just that.

In addition, Heartland will support administrative jobs that include full-time and part-time work. A Director of Development will oversee donor relations and membership, and a Sales Representative will assist the Director of Sales in securing sponsorships and selling contracted performances. These are only a couple examples of the jobs made possible through Heartland’s vision.

Lastly, we believe strongly in education. Through the capital from this campaign, Heartland will expand its offerings to equip students with real-world experience in a creative industry. Our Side-by-Side program currently allows high school and college students to perform alongside Heartland Singers in concert productions, developing technical vocal skills and gaining the experience of working in an ensemble. In the coming years, Heartland will provide internships for students who are pursuing a career in finance, marketing, sales, non-profit business administration, and in the arts. Young professionals will benefit by receiving a first-hand look at the operation of a company, while also becoming key assets in developing our emergent community in their post-graduation lives.

Every donation to the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign directly influences Heartland’s economic impact. Through our vision, we will be able to pay performers and other professionals a living wage and generate fiscal growth in our region.

If you would like more information about the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign or would like to make a pledge, contact us at (260) 436-8080.

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