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What is a Masterclass?
Masterclasses present a special opportunity to share, learn, and perform in a safe and supportive environment. But what exactly is a masterclass, and why should you participate in one?
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What to Expect at Your First Voice Lesson
You want to become a better singer and enrolled in voice lessons. Now what? No need to be nervous: here's what to expect at your first voice lesson.
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Porter-ology Quiz: How Well Do You Know Cole Porter's Music?
On June 9th, 125 years ago, the American popular music composer Cole Porter was born in Peru, Indiana. Unlike many other successful Broadway composers, Porter wrote the lyrics, as well as the music, for his songs. Let’s test your Porter knowledge. Can you match these lyrics with their titles?
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Memorial Day Music
On Memorial Day, we pay tribute those soldiers who have fallen in battle. Many musicians have honored their memory by creating compositions. Here's a closer look at some of those pieces.
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En Vacances: Artistic Inspiration through Travel
Some people take a spiritual pilgrimage to renew their beliefs. In the same way, artists get inspiration through travel and bring back more than souvenirs.
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Armed Forces Day: Music of the Military
On Armed Forces Day, we honor our military members for their service. Each branch has its own official song, and we're taking a closer look at this patriotic music.
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RENEWing the Arts through Planned Giving
There are many ways to support nonprofits, but one lesser know option is planned giving. Learn about donation options for your favorite nonprofit!
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RENEWing Educational Outreach
Educational outreach is part of Heartland's core mission, but what exactly do we do? Find out in today's blog.
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Millennial and First-Time Donors: the Secret to RENEWing the Arts
New data shows that nonprofit arts organizations are finding new stability in first-time donors and millennial donors. How does this contribute to Heartland? Find out.
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Why Become a Monthly Coda Donor? (Hint: It’s Not Just for Barry Manilow)
Coda Donors, Heartland's new monthly donation program, is a great giving option to help to change lives through song. We're offering free pairs of tickets to the first to sign up, but there's more to becoming a Coda Donor that seeing Barry Manilow.
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